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John Bergstrom
photos and inspirations
The Red Rocks of Sedona
These views inspired the research and the song...

Vasquez Rocks
They say that the bandit Tiburcio Vasquez based his operations in this area of Acton, California

Autry BBQ
The Autry National Center puts on a BBQ contest with a variety of music performances. These were taken after our set by Jack Hummel.

I'm going to be putting pics from my performances here.  I'm planning to not only have pics of my shows but of the atmosphere too to give you a feeling for the events.  Check it out when you drop in..:-)

Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival 2008
Images from the 2008 Santa Clarita Cowboy festival; friends and scenes and some really neat Charro stuff from Benny Martinez.

various images
Here are some of my favorite pics from the last couple of years...

High Desert Life
This painting hangs in my family room; inspired a song; and just give me pleasure...:-)

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